Organizing & Design Services


Professional residential organization and design systems to make life more stress-free and productive. All services feature customized organizing solutions, product recommendations, and long-term maintenance strategies.

Get Your Home Market-Ready!

Get Your Home Market Ready

Decluttering and organizing creates more space and the appearance of a larger home. Don’t let your things get in the way of showcasing all your home has to offer potential buyers.

Closet & Pantry Design

Stop fighting your closet. I design the right system, and organize it for you. I can take your closet and your wardrobe to the next level.

Room Organization

I categorize, declutter and design a tailored system that will work for your individual needs.

Maintenance Packages

I provide you the tools to maintain your newly organized spaces, but if
you need some help keeping it up, or assisting with families changing
needs I also offer ongoing maintenance services.

Garage Organization

Park your car and access your things.  I design and implement the best system for your needs.

The Process

Do you feel overwhelmed in your home and in your life? I am here to make your life easier and leave you with the knowledge and tools to feel at peace in your space, knowing I am just a call away. My organizing process will transform how you feel about your space. You will enjoy:


Initial Consultation

We will meet for a complimentary 30-60 session to go through the space and give me an idea of what challenges you are facing. This is in essence, a fact-finding meeting. I will discuss some possible options and systems that we can put into place to create a better flowing environment. I will give an estimated time frame to complete the job. We will agree to work in 3-5 hour increments. Once all aspects have been agreed on, I will draw up a letter of agreement and we will make an appointment to start the process of freeing yourself from your clutter.


Let's Get Started

Now the fun begins! We will work together to sort through your items and create a more free-flowing space with definitive zones set up within the room. I will not ask you to donate and/or throw everything away to become organized. Instead, using a series of questions, you will decide which items no longer have a purpose in your life. And the items that bring you joy will get organized within your “new” space. I can help declutter by purging and creating a system that works best for you.


Follow Up

Little tweaks may need to be made to the systems. I will follow up with you 2 weeks after the job is complete and again in a month. I will work together with you until the space works for you.

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5 super tips

To help you beat closet decluttering blocks!