Lisa Blough

Hi I’m Lisa, Founder of Hot Mess Organizing and Design. My journey began in the early 2000s when my kids were still small. As a single mom working full time, I become very aware that endless chores and errands were taking precious time away from what was important – spending time with my growing kids!

Overwhelmed by the ever-present chaos in my house, I was barely treading water. One day, I finally had it. I went back to basics, organizing systems in my home (starting with a better morning ritual for my family), before moving onto different parts of the house. As I took a closer look at the deeper issues, I learned how closely my physical clutter was connected with emotional and mental overwhelm, as well as our family habits. The design of our systems at home did not match the design of our daily life!

Soon after I started this personal overhaul, my grandfather passed away. I assisted my grandmother and Aunt with going through their house, preparing for her move and an estate auction. Throughout this difficult process I felt calm and natural, finding balance between emotion and pragmatism. I was happy to see that my sense of calm and gentle systematic approach impacted everyone around me, and realized I had found my calling.

Basking in my new freedom and sense of ease, I dove into professional organizing, investing in professional courses in 2013 so I could help others achieve the same. My company was named in 2015 and today, I help people like you purge, organize, downsize and design systems in your home that work for you and your family. I love helping elderly people go through their stuff so their loved ones don’t have to later. I have a compassionate but firm approach, and will lead you through the steps you need to gain clarity, let go, and design a space and system unique to your needs. Goodbye, hot mess! Hello order, calm, and joy.

Sound Familiar?

In my quest to create peace and balance in our lives, I discovered a passion for organizing. So I took courses, became qualified and started my own company to help others free themselves from overwhelm. 

My goal is to make your life easier and leave you with the knowledge and tools to continue on your own, knowing I am just a call away.


Organizing Angel

"I would highly recommend Lisa no matter the size of the project. Looking forward to all of the solutions she will help me put in place for the future!" - Penny

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Unique Talent

"Lisa has a unique talent and process that gently guided me to release items that are not serving me at this point in time. Her skills of organization have created a flow that I didn’t realize that was missing in my surroundings." - Anne

The Right Systems

"Lisa's techniques and creativity have changed our lives. We never realized how much time was able to be saved by having the right systems in place. A life-changing experience and would highly recommend to everyone." - Blaine